iDiamond iPod

The worlds most exclusive earphones

The world’s most expensive MP3 player and earplugs made of solid 18 karat white and pink gold carefully hand set with 430 diamonds. Total of 4,30 ct.

iDiamond iPod was crafted as one unique and single piece of jewellery, not for commercial sale. iDiamond was donated to a charity cause auction in London 13th of March 2008 rising 22,000 GBP for The Soil Association on the Quintessentially event "The feast of Albion". iDiamond iPod uniquely and most innovatively combines traditional handcraft with modern technology into a high end exclusive piece of jewellery. Designed by Thomas Heyerdahl / Norway.

For figures and facts scroll down under the picture.

Based on: Apple® iPod® shuffle design
Redesigned by: Heyerdahl Juvelèr / Thomas Heyerdahl
Material MP3 player: 18 karat white and pink gold / 50 gr.
Material earphones: 18 karat white and pink gold  / 9,3 gr.
Diamonds total: 430 diamonds / Total of 4,30 carat
Diamonds earplugs: 118 diamonds / Total of 1,18 carat
Diamonds player: 312 diamonds / Total of 3,12 carat
Diamond quality: Colour: TW (F)  Clarity: VVS
Total weight: 59,3 gr. 
Estimated public price: USD $ 45.000,- / EURO € 32.000,-
Number of production: 1 pcs. / Special edition / Not for commercial sale.
Produced for Heyerdahl by: Diaro Digital Design - Robert de Brueijs / The Netherlands
3D production: CAD / CAM 3D design / Rhinoceros
Wax model made by: Solidcape T66Bt2 Wax printer.
Casting method: Vacumcasting
Diamond setting: Handcrafted micro Pavè setting. 
Details engraved: Laser engraved details
Photographer:  Claus S. Christensen
Photo Model: Maria Aaby